Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hi! I'm Dad, King of the House

Lemme tell you a little story about who I am, why I am the King of the House, and why you should read this blog to become the king of your house.

I'm a middle aged man with a pretty wife and three kids.  I do the normal stuff that Dad's do: I go to work, rush home to pick kids up at school, hustle the kids to soccer/ballet/appointments/(insert your own kids' activity here) and then I rush home, make dinner or eat dinner that the Queen of the House has made, and get the kids to bed.

Sometimes the kids get a bath or shower.  Sometimes.

Sometimes I get a shower.  Sometimes.

So, how did I become the King of the House?  Luck?  Maybe, but I think I've worked hard to become the King.  And I trained my kids to call me King from an early age.

But you just don't call yourself king and become the King of the House.  So, sign on to this blog, check in from time to time to hear stories about my crazy kids and crazy life (which are both probably like your crazy kids and life).  And learn how I became the King of the House.

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