Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Email Your Children Right Now

I'm the King of the House.  Why?

Because I set up an email address for each of my kids.  I have three kids.  None of them use email.  They're too little - just 9, 7, and 4 years old.  They don't even know that they have an email address.

But they do have an email address.

I set each of my kids up with an email address a couple years ago.  And this is what I do with them (and why I am the King of the House).

I email my kids from time to time.  When I have a quick minute at work, I send an email to one of my kids.  Maybe my son had a good soccer goal.  I'll email him and tell him how proud I am with his hard work in soccer.  My 9 year-old won the school spelling bee.  I sent her an email to tell her how proud I am of her.

My little one simply needs a lot of love - she gets lost in the shuffle a lot, because she's the baby. I simply send her a quick email that says how much I love her.

My kids also build a lot of things out of Legos or Magformers, and they draw a lot.  When they are done projects, they typically ask me to take a picture of their creations.  And I do.  And then I send it to them via email, so they will have a copy of the pic to look at when they get older.

When my kids get older, they'll want an email address, and I'll show them how to log on and use email.  I imagine when they first log on, they'll be happy to read through the emails from their daddy about how much they're loved and how proud I am of them.

And that makes me the King of the House.  Try it yourself, and maybe you'll become the King (or Queen) of Your House.

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  1. I did this too and e-mail every once in awhile. I need to do it more. Thansk for reminding me!